Those Blue State Blues: Red States Gaining

Money is mobile, and money will always flow to states where it is respected.

America’s Blue States don’t respect your money.

The most recent census reporting shows that blue states are losing congressional seats and populations at a tremendous rate. The biggest offender states are down at least six congressional districts in just the last ten years.

California, Michigan, New York, Illinois are all hemorrhaging populations and are desperate to get people back into their failing states. It is why they function as sanctuary states—welcoming everyone, citizens or the undocumented, and it makes no difference. It is about body count.

We can blame high taxes, loony regulations, a war on law and order, and Covidism for the death of these once socialist paradises. Factor in the insane pension obligations hamstringing the states, and you have a recipe for the crackup or maybe even end of the blue state-cartel. The Democrats are a coastal party, locked into place in liberal places. Those people fleeing those socialist paradises are not just anyone. They are the Strivers. The people who create, start, and run businesses and employ your fellow citizens. Small business doesn’t describe what these people mean to us. They are our very future.

Left behind in the blue states are public employee unions, a coalition of uber-wealthy Oligarchs, and the poorest of the poor.

You all know where the people are moving- Texas, Tennessee, the Carolinas: all you have to do is count the U-Hauls out on the highways. What did they all have in common? Do the destination state governments respect the freedom and the capital of the taxpayers? The answer is yes.

Don’t doubt this. Just look where schools are building and where schools are contracting.

People aren’t just rejecting big government, lawlessness failing, and state governments that neither want nor feel a duty s to protect their citizens nor their citizens’ dollars. Those leaders are REPUDIATING it.

But don’t count on Newsom, which were, or Cuomo to understand the message.

They will continue to punish their remaining citizens: raising taxes, increasing regulation, defunding the police, and reaping the whirlwind. That is the rhythm and the melody of the blue state blues. It is a sad, sad tune, but one those governors are committed to playing over and over and over again.

Americans are voting with their feet. I did it a year ago, fleeing California for the Carolinas, and I’ve never been happier.

But a warning to the blue state folk, if you plan to come to the United States of America, don’t bring your socialistic, hefty tax, defund the police values, stay where you are; those ideas are not welcome in the United States.

Just ask those who are thrilled to breathe freely.