Mark Cuban Scraps the National Anthem

Mark Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks.
Mark Cuban gets to dictate whether or not the National Anthem is played before home games.
Mark Cuban cancelled the National Anthem.

Cuban, the 4+ billion dollar man poses as a supporter of the little guy; unless you are a well heeled human rights violator like China. Then for Cuban, it is crickets.

Back in October 2020 Mark Cuban told Megyn Kelly on her podcast this,
“They are a customer of ours, and guess what, Megyn? I’m OK with doing business with China. And so we have to pick our battles. I wish we could solve all the world’s problems. But we can’t.”

He continued.

“I personally put a priority on domestic issues. I’m against human rights violations around the world,” Cuban said. “China is not the only country with human rights violations.”

China is not the only country with human rights violations. Maybe, but the Chinese Communist Party is uniquely evil, with actual concentration camps that utilize rape, slave labor and the forced conversion of Muslims from their faith tradition to Godless Communism. As for slave labor, this is especially ugly. Chinese Uighurs are being forced to pick cotton. Wondering how much of those cotton products, produced by forced labor, are utilized in NBA products.

Come on Mark, it is about the dollars.

Mark understands that this is strictly business, big business. And China is huge business for the NBA.

Back in the Fall of 2019, when the NBA found itself mired in controversy because of the comments of then, Rockets GM, Darryl Morley, tweeting support for Hong Kong Protesters, the divide was laid bare.

The MIT educated Morley was condemned and lectured by LeBron James, who said in effect that Morley didn’t understand the situation in Hong Kong.

Morley needed to get his mind right. China pays for this phony baloney show.

Yahoo Finance reported back in October 2019, “China is the most significant growth market for the NBA and already accounts for nearly 10% of the league’s global revenue, Yahoo Finance has learned from multiple sources close to the league, including current and former NBA team executives. The NBA sees China as crucial to its financial future.”

The NBA understands who consumes their product, and frankly, embracing BLM, scrapping the National Anthem and looking the other way when it comes Chinese slavery represent a small downside for the Mavericks and for the rest of the NBA franchises.

Recall that in an effort to avoid politics, Michael Jordan once said that, ‘Republicans buy sneakers too,’ but, that was the 1990’s. It is a whole new world and the NBA understands that THOSE Republicans who bought sneakers too, have long since left the game.

Cuban is just chasing the dollars, whether in Beijing or in Dallas, politics is profitable if you understand which way to pander.