Brett Winterble

Brett Winterble is a smart, quick-witted and entertaining national opinion host.

Brett currently serves as station thought leader & PMDrive Host for legendary WBT-1110AM/99.3FM/WLNK-HD2/ in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Brett grew up in El Paso, Texas attending Cathedral High School. He then attended Emerson College in Boston with a focus on political communication. He participated in the World Championships of Parliamentary Debate twice.

His career began in NYC as Producer of the Rush Limbaugh Show serving as Bo Snerdly from 1999-2006. After deciding to pursue his dream of hosting a talk show Brett moved to LA to Produce syndicated programs with Michael Reagan and Roger Hedgecock.

Brett launched the ‘Brett Winterble Show’ in 2008 achieving immediate success & industry credibility. After a segue into sports radio as PMDrive host at “KFWB-980 The Beast” in Los Angeles, Brett settled into his conservative talk position at KFMB in San Diego.

Brett’s strength is his ability to relate to hard working Americans who seek explanations the partisan and sometimes complicated matters currently plaguing our nation.

Brett is considered one of the finest interviewers in broadcasting. His pragmatic and conservative point of view mixed with a strong belief in civil liberties makes Brett’s show uniquely American.

Brett hosted a TV show on NewsMax television from 2017-2019.

He produces and distributes video content to match his daily 3 hour audio offering regularly.

In 2020 Brett launched his podcast “Devious Motives”. The inaugural season for the show followed the final 40 days of the 2020 Trump/Biden election with a consistently compelling daily podcast uncovering the reasons behind the avalanche of stories that comprised a deliberate narrative formulating an ulterior, often devious, motive. In this immensely compelling daily serial, Brett shed a light on the scandal and misinformation that enveloped the 2020 election.

In 2020 the Rush Limbaugh team asked Brett to guide host his show for him while he was suffering from cancer and fighting a very public battle that would ultimately end the show. Brett was a frequent Guide Host during the 2021 transition of the Rush Limbaugh syndicated radio program.

Brett is a Pragmatist who is allegiant to no party or affiliation. His influence leans conservative and he regularly attends CPAC and other conservative based events where he often hosts.

Brett is happily married to the love of his life, Sherri, they have been together from the start of both of their careers in entertainment and broadcast. They have two children who are growing up too fast. The Winterble’s have 4 cats and several birds.