Biden’s Chaotic Border Messaging Is Costing You

FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: View of Resolution Copper Mining’s east plant near Superior, Arizona

When Joe Biden was out on the campaign trail, one thing was abundantly clear he wanted an open border. Well, in less than 100 days, it is mission accomplished. Joe Biden has successfully crippled any effort at establishing and maintaining any notion of sovereignty along the border with Mexico.

This crisis at our border is not about immigration, either legal or illegal. The problem is open borders and endless spending. Hundreds of thousands and likely millions of central americans are heading or would like to head to our southern border. They come NOT to immigrate but instead for the hook-up. It’s about cash.

And now, in response, the Biden administration is thinking about paying Central American governments millions of dollars to keep the would-be flows at home.

But hang on one minute. We have been told these migrants were fleeing hurricanes, droughts, climate change, and they were fleeing persecution; we have also been told they are fleeing instability now; we are told they are fleeing dangerous conditions for the children.

How exactly does $15,000 fix that?

 If you were being persecuted, facing the potential of being thrown into some hellhole Central American prison or if I were being threatened by cartels or if I were being threatened by military junta does, or if I were being threatened by any of those things, $15,000 would not be enough to keep me sitting around.

The point is getting money in the hands of everybody in the world: North Korea, Iran, China, Migrants, endless wars,  there is no longer any fiscal restraint.  That went out the window.

During the earliest democrat debates for president when candidates stood astride the stage declaring that everything would be free for illegal immigrants, all they had to do was get here: healthcare housing, education, direct cash payments, cable-TV, Obama phones, it was all on the table, and so we can’t blame anybody but our fellow citizens the Biden voters and the central American people for taking Joe Biden at his word.

The bitter irony is this; we are in a pandemic. A half-million Americans have lost their lives over this past year. We have endured remarkable hardship and economic decay in an effort to defeat the Wuhan Flu. So why on earth would the first order of business for Team Biden be opening the border?

Why let in 300 thousand migrants who are not being screened for covid 19 while we try to squash the bug? It is a self-defeating premise. We are 4Trilion into the covid fight, and Biden Harris wants to stress the system more. Is it because an endless non-crisis-crisis means a green light to spend till you drop? Increasingly the answer appears to be, ‘Si!’